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5 Reasons Why Your WordPress Site Loading Slow

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Do your WordPress website sucks? Your WordPress site loading slow ?. If you are facing these issues for a while, then it is time to have a complete checkup.

There are a lot of reasons for a website to load slow. But, Just because of your poor show, customers will gradually ditch your site and move on to your competitors.

It is really a painful situation right? You have all ingredients on your plate but people are reluctant to visit your site.

As per the case studies conducted by several agencies, your conversion rate decreases drastically for every second delay in your website loading.

Customers are more likely to leave a  slow site.  If you have an eCommerce website which loads dead slow then obviously your competitors will gain from it.

What could be the main reasons for a website to load slow? I have summarized a few of them below. Let’s have a detailed discussion on each of them.

1. Choose right hosting service

A poor hosting is one of the reasons for most of the WordPress site loading slow. Most of us search for the cheapest web hosting service for the first time when we plan to start a website. No lunch comes free !! If anyone is offering anything free, it has its own demerits.

Advantages of shared hosting

  • Low cost – The greatest advantage is the lower price which is the decisive factor for most buyers.
  • No maintenance – On shared hosting the server maintenance and up-gradation is taken care by the hosting provider. They have a neat C panel where the user can create and configure the site, create an email account and add the database.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

In shared hosting, you are sharing the same server resources with many users. You have a common memory, hard drive, and CPU. If any of the users on the shared server uses a lot of traffic, CPU cycles, email capabilities etc, other individuals on the same machine are likely to experience worse shared hosting performance.

Since the hosting providers have to satisfy most of their customers, they may implement some restrictions on the system. You will have limited access to your web server through the interface which the hosting service provides.

Some of the good hosting providers are listed below. You can select one which suits your nature of website like the size and content type and of-course which fits your budget.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Inmotion hosting
  3. Godaddy
  4. Blue host

2. Unoptimized Images

Almost 60 percent of average website contents are images. Your text content occupies less space but images claim a large chunk of it. When your web server renders the content to the browser, images take more time to load can be one of the reasons for your WordPress site loading slow.

You need to keep in mind the following two things while using images for your website.

  • Limit graphical content.
  • Optimize your image for size and resolution.

There are a lot of image optimizer plugins available on WordPress website to download, both free and paid versions. A good one is Ewww Image Optimizer.

3. Unoptimized JavaScript and CSS files

We all love stylish social sharing plugins with floating button with added animation on mouse over and mouse out event. But have you ever thought, how it will impact the performance of your website. Lot of style sheets and JavaScript slows down any website drastically and can be another reason for your WordPress site loading slow..

Try to limit the use of style sheets, if you want to improve your website performance. Instead of using the vanilla versions, you can use the minified versions of JavaScript and css.

Don’t worry , you don’t have to do anything fot it. There are lot of plugins available for caching your web pages. Most theme offers minification of js and css.

A few of them are listed down.

  • WP Total cache
  • WP Super cache
  • WP Fastest cache
  • Autoptimize
  • Ewww Optimizer – recommended

Download any of the above plugins and configure it as per your requirements. You can easily download the step by step procedure to configure them for most optimized results.

4. Too much plugins

Plugin are helpful in achieving your development requirements faster. There is an ocean of plugins available on WordPress website.  With the help of plugins you can develop an eCommerce site, education site or even a travel blog without writing a single line of code.

Free is always good right? But all of these plugins are not optimized for performance. These plugins are usually developed by either an individual or a development firm. Even though it satisfies your requirements , there can be an easier method to complete the same task. But, you can not expect that optimization from the free one. Usually this also can be a reason for your wordpress site loading slow.

By the way, all of my plugins are optimized for performance  🙂

You may find useful plugins and code snippets on Codecanyon for a nominal costs of $2. These items are checked by their quality team and are safe to use.

5. No CDN service.

A content delivery network (CDN ) is a globally distributed network of servers focused on content delivery faster. These servers will be having the cached version of web pages which can be delivered on a client request there by increasing the speed of any website.

For example, you have a website hosted at US and someone requests a page from India. In normal case the data has to cross continents and oceans to reach you. This will drastically affect the browsing speed of a user sitting in Asia.

CDNs overcome this issue with  a simple technique. They already have cached your content on all the servers across the globe. When someone requests for a page from India, instead of loading it from US they load it from their Asia server hosted at Japan.

This will reduce the latency of your application a lot.

So, what are the CDN services which I can use for my blog?

There are free and paid versions.

Cloudflare is the name which comes up first from free CDNs.

It is very good with its free version itself. Paid version offers more advanced features. There are more players in this category. A few of them are

  • Incapsula
  • MaxCDN
  • Akamai
  • Cachefly
  • CDN77

If you are a beginner and your website does not have heavy traffic then you can go for Cloudflare free version.

If you have a site with huge traffic with lot of downloadable content then plan for a paid versions like MaxCDN or Akamai.


There are a lot of reasons other than the above for a site to load slow. But you can diagnose it by checking out them one by one and find a remedy. Remember, always check your site’s speed with Google page speed insights and  optimize your websites performance.

Hope this article helped you to understand WordPress better. Don’t forget to post your suggestion an comments.

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