Summarise The Benefits Of Using LTspice IV

 Benefits of using LTspice

In the earlier posts you have learned the basics to advance usage of LT spice . We will discuss benefits of using LTspice in the current post. In order to brush up I will mention the area covered in the earlier posts.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Drawing Circuit and tool bar summary explained
  3. Wiring up your first RC circuit
  4. How to run and probe circuit (Transient analysis)
  5. Run and probe a circuit AC Analysis
  6. DC Sweep simplified for you!
  7. Understanding Noise Simulation
  8. Learn DC Operating Point
  9. Learn DC Transfer Function

All the above analysis we have simulated on LTspice, please not the word Simulation. What is the meaning of simulation ?. Yeah, you are recreating the replica of an actual environment with the help of available tools in your lab or test environment. Here we have not used any physical components to design our circuit. Everything we have used were virtual. This is the beauty of LTspice. We will see the benefits of using LTspice below.

Summary of benefits

  • The first and foremost advantage is LT Spice is a freeware software for Circuit design and analysis.
  • It’s cheaper than buying a lot of real parts and a real signal generator and oscilloscope
  • The key analysis in Circuit design like DC analysis, Frequency response, n-port analysis is much simpler to simulate in LT Spice than analyzing all these responses theoretically which is a time.
  • Stable circuit simulation with
    • Unlimited number of nodes
    • Schematic/symbol editor
    • Waveform viewer
    • Library of passive device


So far we have seen how anyone can use the features of LTspice to design any kind of circuit. It is the best product in circuit simulation and we recommend using LTspice as a part of your electronic design process. It is really helpful for students and those who are not interested to spend a few bugs to learn circuit design. Hope this helped you in learning the amazing tool LTspice better.

Thank you and happy reading ….



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