DC Sweep

LTspice DC Sweep Simplified For You!

DC Sweep

The DC sweep allows you to do various different sweeps of your Circuit to see how it responds to various conditions.

For all the possible sweeps voltage, current you need to specify a start value, an end value, and the number of points you wish to calculate.

For example you can sweep your circuit over a voltage range from -10 to 10 volts. The main two sweeps that will be most important to us at this stage are the voltage sweep and the current sweep. For these two, you need to indicate to LTspice what component you wish to sweep, for example V1 or V2.

Next step is to simulate the circuit. To do this, first click on the simulate button and then click on the edit simulation command. Then a pop screen will appear as shown below. Since we are doing DC sweep analysis, click on the DC sweep.

dc sweep

Here we are changing the input voltage from -10V to 10V with an increment of 1V. In the above menu we need to enter the following parameters.

  • Name of first source to sweep- V1
  • Type of sweep -linear
  • Start value-10V
  • Stop value-10V
  • Increment-1V

After entering these values click on the run button.You will receive the result as shown below.

dc sweep
click to enlarge

The result shows how the output voltage changes according to the input voltage. So this analysis is useful for plotting transistor characteristic, diode characteristic, MOSFET characteristic etc.

If you need to know in detail about plotting characteristics, contact us with your requirement. We will try to cover it in the next post.

Happy reading… Do write to us with your suggestions …

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