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Wiring Up Your First RC Circuit Using LTspice

Wiring up a simple RC circuit

In the previous post we have seen how to place parts and how to connect the circuit. Here we will see wiring up a simple RC Circuit.

In order to start with , I will consider a simple example of RC filter.

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Connecting the Circuit – Now that your parts are arranged well,  and you’ll have to attach them with wires. Go up to the tool bar and select the “Draw Wire” button , or “F3” or go to “Edit” and select “Draw Wire”.

    • With the pencil looking pointer click on one end of a part and when you move your mouse around, you should see crossed lines appear. Also attach the other end of your wire to the next part in the circuit.
    • Repeat this until your circuit is completely wired.
    • If you want to make a node (to make a wire go more then one place), click somewhere on the wire and then click to the part (or the other wire). Or you can go from the part to the wire. You should see a square block when 3 or more wires connect at a point.
  • Holding down CTRL while drawing lines allows you to make diagonal connections in the editor.
  • To get rid of the pencil, use right click.

Editing Circuit Element attributes

  • Right click on the component symbol and modify attributes
  • Right click on the text next to the component and edit the visible attribute and label. We will see the below screen

Use Labels To Specify Units In Circuit Elements  Attributes

  • K = k = kilo = 10^3
  •  MEG = meg = 10^6
  •  M = m = milli = 10^-3
  •  U = u = micro = 10^-6
  • G = g = giga = 10^9
  • T = t = terra = 10^12
  •  N = n = nano = 10^-9
  • P = p = pico = 10^-12
  •  F = f = femto = 10^-15

Circuit Element Database

  • Some components have an available database of manufacturers’ attribute
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes,
  • Bipolar transistors, MOSFET transistors, JFET transistors
  • Independent voltage and current sources

To configure a component to a manufacture’s attributes

  • Right click on the component symbol
  • Left click on Select… or Pick New…
  • Left click on a selected device
  • Left click on OK

So far we learned how to select the components, how to place them, and set the attributes. Finally we have completed a wired RC circuit. In the next post we will learn simulating circuits.

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