LTspice Run And Probe A Circuit – AC Analysis

AC Analysis

AC Analysis

When doing an AC sweep of a source, the sections highlighted Below in the source configuration window are relevant. The AC analysis allows you to plot magnitude and/or phase versus frequency for different inputs in your circuit.

Type of Sweep In the AC analysis menu you have the choice of three types of analysis:

  • Linear,
  • Octave and
  • Decade.

These three choices describe the X-axis scaling which will be produced in probe. For example, if you choose decade then a sample of your X-axis might be 10Hz, 1kHz, 100kHz, 10MHz, etc…. Therefore if you want to see how your circuit reacts over a very large range of frequencies choose the decade option.

You now have to specify at how many points you want LTspice to calculate frequencies, and what the start and end frequency will be. That is, over what range of frequencies do you want to simulate your circuit.

  • Number of points
  • Start Frequency
  • Stop frequency

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