Bridge Rectifier in LTspice

A Bridge rectifier is a type of full-wave rectifier in which a center-tapped transformer is not used. It converts both halves of each cycle of an alternating signal into a pulsating signal. A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current or voltage (AC), into direct current or direct voltage(dc). The rectifier is classified into two types. Half-wave … Read more Bridge Rectifier in LTspice

Half-wave Rectifier Using LTspice

A half-wave rectifier is defined as a type of rectifier that only allows one half-cycle of an AC voltage waveform to pass, blocking the other half-cycle. Half-wave rectifiers are used to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. It is done by using a diode or a group of diodes. A half-wave rectifier uses one diode, while a full-wave rectifier uses … Read more Half-wave Rectifier Using LTspice